Monitor Anywhere

Surveillance cameras have become so small that they can be placed virtually anywhere. They can record video 24/7 for reviewing footage, provide a live feed over the web so you can monitor anywhere in the world with internet access, you can even use your cell phone if you have a web browser to view the live video. This is great for those on the go who needs to monitor things like their baby room with babysitters, monitor their front door, anywhere basically. Setup is hassle free. Just need broadband connection.

Discover how a Serenity Security Systems camera provides powerful security for less! With a complete system you’ll get the safety and protection you and your family deserve. Watch over your front or back door, your yard or your garage from any TV in your house – a tiny wireless home security monitoring camera can be placed anywhere indoors or out.

Why risk your family to anything less? Protect your home with an affordable home security monitoring system! You can get LIVE COLOR video direct from your camera to an existing or new monitor. Some newer TV’s are capable of receiving video input. Record all the action from your home security monitoring camera whenever movement is detected with a motion-activated recording set-up!

Installing a home security system can be costly and at times confusing. You can build a home security system at a cost that won’t break the bank. We feature only the best in home security products and technology. These products range in price. Some choices are very economical, while others are considered long term investments. Call now to a meet with a SERENITY SECURITY SYSTEMS Technology Consultant.